Saturday, December 01, 2012

Day one

This month we will celebrate our first Christmas ever away from Cranbrook and the family and friends who live there. In order to make this transition a little easier on all of us, Alex and I created an activity calendar for the month of december. We took a coloured card for each day, wrote the date on one side and a fun activity on the other. We "hid" the first one last night by taping it to the bathroom door. We had to make the first one obvious because they don't know that there is a month of these yet. 

Dec. 1st our activity was paper lantern making at the Kelowna Art Gallery. For just $30, we made 12 lanterns to light up our holidays. The kids were very excited and enjoyed getting their hands dirty while they drew. stamped, painted, glued and glittered the morning away. Many of our chosen activities are free as we are on a tight budget, but we thought we would start off with a bang :)

Since we were downtown anyway, we meandered about the other various events happening. This sunshiny picture was captured as we sipped hot chocolate at the Yacht club.

Seen here is some holiday crafting that was happening at the Centre for the Arts!

We had to get a photo of the downtown yarn bombing for Aunty Erin!

One day of treasured memories down, thirty more to go. If the laughter and good conversation of today was any indication, we will have a very successful, meaningful holiday in our new home. 

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