Friday, December 21, 2012

An inspired extra

I am passionate about community, families and parenting. I suffer from a ridiculous and sometimes overwhelming sense of idealism. I really believe that if we break out of the humdrum of racing other humans and climbing ladders, we can change the world. Not by grand gestures and fundraisers and picket signs. Not that I am opposed to those things, but real lasting, healthy, healing change comes from the daily choices of everyday people. Choices to engage solutions instead of complaining about the problems. Choices to create bridges instead of building walls. Choices to bring hope and options instead of judgment. 

I met a couple at our last leadership conference for Lifelinks that seemed like kindred spirits. We became facebook friends and went our separate ways. Well, I came across this lovely lady's blog today and I am again inspired to cling to my optimism. I am not alone in it. These people are my kind of crazy. If you have any interest in kids, families, international issues, HIV, or just the goodness humankind is capable of, give it a read. Totally worth your time.

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