Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 10

December 10
Make a family tree with everyone's handprints!

We love art. And crafts. And messes. When Alex and I were dating, he etched some artwork into my bedroom window, drew me pictures, silkscreened t-shirts and even made me his subject for photography. As the children have grown up, I have many fond memories that involved handprints and footprints, glue and glitter, pasta and paint. I have worn every piece of original pasta jewelry and finger-painted clothing with pride. Somewhere along the way, the craftiness has slowed somewhat. We've gotten busy, said "not right now" too many times, and the enthusiasm has waned. So, today, we made some messy art together and revive this long standing family tradition of self-expression. It's never to late to redeem lost time.

Here are the handprints before we embellished.

I will upload the embellished picture when its fully done. 

Their hands are big. They're growing up. 

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