Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tao of Dora

There must be something about Dora the explorer that makes her so dang appealing. I have to believe it is more than the insanely repetitive tunes. Mabye it is her spirit of adventure. She is always willing to literally go an extra mile out of her way to solve a problem. She has lots of friends that pop out of everywhere. Everyone sings and dances. So what can I learn from this extraordinary girl?

The weird breaking out into song my family always did when I was a child is perfectly normal and even healthy.
You should always try to walk everywhere you go and if you must ride, make it fun. Include pirates if you can find some.
Whenever you possibly can, do good for those who need it.
Eat chocolate, straight off a tree if you can get it.
Dont be afraid to ask for directions. Often. Really often.
There is magic to be found in seemingly ordinary places.
No puzzle is too hard.

Is there more? Probably. But my brain hurts from the gleening and I think I smell a poopy diaper. Besides I am not really sure if I will ever get the Dora theme song out of my head if I dwell on it for very much longer.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Today warrants two

The Tickle Camel arrived at swimming lessons more on-time than we did. As we came through the doors I knew before I saw him because my pokey children suddenly sped up in frantic movements of arms and legs. Levi settled in at a table to do his Math with Uncle Ferd as I got the girls into their suits. After a half hour of swimming and about 15 minutes of trying to dry them off enough to pull on their shirts, I came upon a math book infested with Ferd cartoons! Levi was very happy to have had Mr. Tickle all to himself. Sharing isn't taught in our house, it is simply accepted as normal function. Like breathing. So to have such a spectacular adult all to himself was quite a treat for my firstborn. Simple pleasures.......Thanks Ferd!

Almost quite morning

My husband and youngest child are snoozing away behind me as all my other children fold their laundry in the front room. Besides a bit of chatter from my hard working bunch, the sound of the fan next to me is the only thing penetrating the quiet. This wont last long of course; the chaos will very soon ensue as we bundle up for swimming lessons and music class and the Tickle Camel. Buzzing around is what we do on tuesdays. I can handle one day of that, but lately I have been longing to slow down. To simplify. To find quiet. To have a bath. Simple pleasures taken for granted by those in control of their own days, hours, and minutes. At least I used to take it for granted.

Ah, but I have been doing my own for-granted-taking even now. Like the view I woke up to this fine morning. My little cherub curled up with her Daddy, both sound asleep. No matter what state of mind you are in, that is a beautiful thing. Lately the man of the house has been leaving for work at very ungodly hours, so such a sight has been unavailable for awhile.

It's been almost 12 years since I met him on the beach wearing a torn up sox hat. 11 since he kissed me under the lamppost near his house after we walked back from seeing the movie Jumangi. Almost 8 years now we have been "of one flesh," sharing our space, birthing and raising. Fighting and making-up. I am not bored. There isnt the slightest hint of it. He makes me so mad sometimes! But he makes me laugh too. He makes me feel beautiful. And this morning, as I watched him snuggling our youngest, he made me grateful.

Monday, February 26, 2007

In the learning

The last year has been one of learning and healing and trusting. Some days the ebb and flow seems to bring the tide of it all washing down on me so that it is all I can do to keep my head above water. Yet looking back, I know that ultimately it is refreshing. Stretching. Challenging. I am learning to be "grateful in all things." For instance, though lack of sleep tugs at my ability to concentrate this morning, I am grateful for the 2 a.m. tea I shared with my three year old when neither of us could sleep. I could have irriatatedly sent her back to bed. But instead I put on the kettle and my sweet girl and I comforted eachother in the wee hours. Almost a moment lost, it became one more memory made.
This last year has been full of those. Moments that could have been lost in tragedy, and overwhelming sorrow, became moments that bonded and strengthened. This last year brought miracles to uplift in sad times. Dad survived, and sweet babies Wrenny and Mia made their debute. Friendships made stronger. Faith made stronger.
And as each new crisis arises, there is gratitude to found. And though I admit there are days when fear seems to be sinking its poison teeth into my thoughts, I appreciate the opportunity to count my many many blessings. I have little in the way of material things but I am wealthy beyond measure. I am relieved to realize that control is only a perception we cling to. I am glad for the moments that all there is left to do is lean on my creator. And so this morning, after a sleepless night, I have resolved to surrender all that I worry for. I resolve to remind myself daily that the joy of the Lord is my strength.