Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Day 5

December 5th
Daddy Daughter Day for Selah

One of the things that excited me most about today is that when the kids found the activity card, no one got upset or cried, "not fair!" Instead, I overheard them speculating when their special days would be. That was pleasant as we were prepared to possibly deal with a battle over that one. 

Selah and Alex's date was a success by the grin on her face upon their arrival back home. They started off with some Christmas shopping, they had snack at the food court in the mall (big deal for a small town girl), then she rode with Daddy while he checked out storefronts for the business. They topped it off with some household shopping. She really didn't mind that the whole morning wasn't all about her, she just loved the chance to have some time and conversation with her Daddy without the fear of interruption by her many siblings and her Mom. The great thing about these activities is, whatever life we are doing on any given day can be special for a kid to partake in. For us, it brightens mundane tasks as our children always have uniques views, questions, and comments about what we are doing. 

Tomorrow's activity is in my top five of the whole month. I can't wait! :)

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