Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 13

December 13th
Mom and Son date!

I completely enjoy my sons company. His conversation is interesting, his heart is huge and his humour is delightful and contagious. Getting to spend quality time with him is great.

We go down to Metro at least once a week. Usually I leave him in the kitchen with Pops and he helps heat up lunch and prepare sandwiches or buns, however, today was special. Today, Levi and I brought the ingredients to cook chowder from scratch. Levi, Pops, and I spent the morning chopping and mashing and stirring while we chatted and laughed. Another special moment was the discovery that Pops and Levi share a birthday! Watching my son and this wonderful white-haired man adopt each other over the last few weeks has been so delightful, so it was a particularly sweet moment. 

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