Friday, December 07, 2012

Day 7

December 7th
Mommy Daughter Day

We have four children. Obviously. When we started with the first one, we thought we could figure out this parenting thing. However, the arrival of numbers two, three, and four, have demonstrated to us clearly that no two children can be parented exactly the same. Which also means that child/parent dates should not be cookie cutter experiences. 

Shiloh is the sports lover in our family. She likes to get competitive and isn't afraid to sweat, so when I found out that a local church had free drop in floor hockey for kids on Friday nights, I knew just what Shiloh and I would do. There were a few rowdy games of kids vs kids. Seen above is an action shot from one of those games. Shiloh is the speedy purple blur. Shiloh's favorite part was when we had the kids vs parents game and she played goal for the parental team. It was an absolute riot with there being three kids under ten to each parent. By the end it broke down in mayhem as kids started grabbing parents legs trying to slow them down. It was good fun!

On the way home we sang "Rolling in the Deep" at the top of our lungs before enjoying the eggnog and nachos Alex made for us. All in all it was fantastic evening that cost me nothing and yet provided me with priceless memories.

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