Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Day Four

December fourth was a fun, free, stay-at-home kind of activity. We played charades. I'll let you scroll through and guess. Ill give you hints and at the end you can see if you are right. Picture 1- inanimate object, picture 2- fruit, picture 3 and 4 - person we know, picture 5- another inanimate object, and picture 6- another fruit. Good luck!

 If you guessed stool, banana, Joel Purdy, pillow, and apple, you guessed correctly!

I'll be honest, I have never played a more dysfunctional or hilarious game of charades. They have asked for this to be a regular event. I am not sure they understand the game, but we had fun. I gave you some fairly obvious clues, but we didn't get those. We had to keep asking the banana if it did anything else. What does it rhyme with? He just stood there, hunched over. Seriously. The pillow was also interesting. Selah said it was something mostly women made. Huh? Hannah guess dinner, Selah said, "I said women mostly make them." I'm a little confused. Then we realized, Hannah has been constantly sewing pillows for all the stuffies in the house. The easy one was Joel Purdy. For those who don't know him, he is a friend and band-mate who plays guitar, sings, and has copious amounts of facial hair. Most men will never be able to grow in a life time of untrimmed effort what he would consider a 5 o'clock shadow. Three of them shouted, "Joel Purdy" in unison second after I started. Too funny.

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