Saturday, April 25, 2009

The apple doesn't fall far enough.....

SO mom and I have been throwing the words "compulsive caregiver" back and forth lately. Both of us a bit tired and a bit overly voluntary. This morning she calls to say hi and ask if our youngest could go for visit. After some conversation about how we both have a lot going on just at the moment, we had an interesting bit of "like mother, like daughter. " Here is how the conversation went: (abridged version)

Me: You will have to drop her off at the church because there is a wedding today and Alex and I are doing the food.

Mom: Why the h*** are you doing that?! (teensy lecture about compulsive care giving here)

Me: It's not a big deal I have some help. We are coordinating a potluck but I will need to be in the kitchen early.

***********insert miscellaneous conversation here*************

Mom: So we had the BBQ for the NPD leader last night.

Me: Oh, how was it?

Mom: Well I was manning the BBQ.

Me: *hysterical laughter* Why the h*** are you doing that?!

At this point we were both laughing so hard we forgot where that conversation was going.