Monday, March 26, 2007

Yippy Skippy!

I officially have my class four drivers liscence! However, what I didn't realize until too late is that I do not have any picture ID until my liscence comes in. Which means I can't sit in chatanoogas and get half priced appies to celebrate. Bummer.

I also finished my WHIMS course and I am finding myself really enjoying testing. It's as if I need to be reminded that my brain still functions and is not actually stuck on toddler dials for the rest of my life. How exciting! It's odd how satisfying that little percentage can be. What a fantastic feeling.

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Mrs.Q said...

I'm gonna tell my students about your discovery...every week they have a test on Friday, and every week they are surprised and dismayed to discover that there will be another test THIS Friday, too! Silly rabbits. Maybe your story will inspire them. (I'm willing to try anything!)