Monday, March 12, 2007

Like two ships

I am finding myself a bit drowsy and out of sorts this morning. I arrived home this morning at 9:20 am after coming of the second of my four "sleep" shifts. I was just in time to load the kids and dear hubby into the van so we could get Alex to work by 9:30. At 5:15 I will pick him up again just in time for us to drop the kids off with the babysitter and head off to a worship music workshop. After which we will pick up the kids and I will drop everyone off at home and head back to work. Although we won't see much of eachother this week because of our work schedules, our weekend will be fabulous!

On Sunday afternoon (after I get off yet another "casual" shift) we will be dropping our four little darlings off with our friends. Once alone we will set off for a short, but desperately needed, adventure to Nelson where we will stay in the luxurious jacuzzi suite at the prestige hotel. This will be the fifth time in seven and a half years that Alex and I have had a bed to ourselves. Usually I am the one who gets giddy and excited at such prospects but even Alex has been counting the days. Every so often while busy doing our chores or hangin with the kids, he will lean over and whisper the countdown in my ear. What fun!

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Anie said...

its so great to have an adventure up soming eh!