Sunday, March 25, 2007

A lesson in not judging by the cover

Today I attending training at a Pro-driving school for my class four liscence. I was expecting to be nervous and frusterated the whole time. I certainly didn't expect to make a new friend.

I showed up a little too early so when he entered, he inturrupted the fourth chapter of a book I have been reading. I suppose he looked very much like he had been a trucker and was now instructing them. He is older than me. Graying at the edges of his face. Friendly, but I was not drawn to him right away. After all, we lead completely different lives didn't we? I work in the human service field and homeschool four kids. He drives long hours. I was here to learn to drive a big vehical well enough to pass my test tomorrow. That was my goal. My mission. Something unexpected happened.

He is a pleasant man very easy to chat with, so I found myself being quite a bit more comfortable than I was expecting. We laughed at how I had to almost climb on the van to check the fluids under the hood. As we started driving, I pointed out some ironwork Alex had done. He was totally excited and started asking if Alex was in the SCA. I laughed and said he probably would be if we hadnt been busy with so many kids.

Soon after we drove past a little place on baker street that, until today, I had no idea was a painting studio. And even better was that the woman inside gave lessons in oil painting. My instructor happens to be signed up for official Bob Ross classes! We ended up chatting about our lives and families and quite honestly surprised eachother.

By the time my lesson was over I learned so many interesting things about this man, and when Alex came to pick me up, he came out to meet the husband I had spent so much time talking about. Of course they hit it off right away and now we have a new friend.

Not only do I have a new friend, but I am reminded once again that people can be far deeper then they at first appear. And friends can be found in the places you least expect. What a fabulous thing to be reminded of!

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