Monday, March 05, 2007


A few days ago a friend of ours was praying for us and his words have stuck in my mind and made me think. He said his first instinct was to say Enough! but that was neither his call nor ours. Lately God has been like a Yiddish Mama, we say we're full but he just keeps putting more on our plate. Just when we think we can balance he adds another spoonful. God give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Enough.

Enough. I was so frusterated that Mike was right. Its really isn't our call. There is very little that we have control of right now. Very little that we can change or fix. It's just not fair! And then frustration gave way to other thoughts.

Enough. We have more than enough to eat. We have more than enough generous and thoughtful people in our lives who love us. We have more than enough faith. We have just enough beautiful children. We have more than enough blessings in our life. We have shelter. We have four living grandparents and several living greatgrandparents for our children. We have a healthy marriage.

So far our lives have been untouched by war, famine, and natural disasters. Our children have never been cold or hungry beyond our ability to fix. I have never been forced to beg or steal (though occasionally to borrow). We have the blessing of not needing to put our children into school and daycare so we can make ends meet. We both have jobs we like, working with people we like. We laugh alot. I have more than enough.

Enough. This is enough for me. Whatever the outcome of all we face, I have been blessed with what many people in the world would call a charmed life. I have faith enough to bring me through. And so once again I come full circle to reminding myself to send my worries to the one who has the power to do something about them. As for me, I will enjoy my enough.

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