Thursday, April 05, 2007


Well I have more to share then on any other day I have posted but much much less time to do it in. I have a new job, that I love, that is now providing my family with full benefits! Yay! I am working four on, four off, sleep shifts at a group home. I love working with the residents of the group home but not enough that I would have been willing to stop homeschooling the kids to do so. I am now snugly settled in the best of both worlds. I have completed all kinds of training that makes me employable in lots of fun ways and gets me out of the house just enough to be excited about being a stay-at-home Mom again. I say again..Yay!

The kids are doing fabulous! Levi's reading is improving in leaps and bounds. He is even excited about reading chapter books now! Yay! Hannah is also doing very well and she has become a little teacher, eagerly trying to show Shiloh how to write her name. Unfortunately Shiloh has picked up the letters in Hannah's name much faster and is now signing all her pictures as Hannah. Selah is a fun little bundle of energy that no one can keep up with so we tag team her.

I have a new vacuum cleaner! I never thought that sentence would be worthy of an exclamation mark but there it is. In almost eight years of marriage I have never bought a brand new vacuum cleaner. It was very satisfying.

OK last little note at the end. My dear Dad has informed me that some of you have expressed that you are feeling as if you are peering in the window of my life. I wanted to reassure anyone feeling that way that this is no window. It is an open door with a fabulous welcome mat that is soft and cushy on your feet. Please never mistake my lack of ability to remember to send out Christmas cards as disinterest. I will figure it out one of these years. In the meantime, I have managed to figure this out in hopes of making room for reconnecting. I have such fabulous roots that it would be a shame not to share them with my children.

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Anie said...

much to celebrate..i am so happy for you!! and also..oops, i just realized, you left me a message and I havent called back..but i will: um, tomorrow!