Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ah young love..

Well our night away was FABULOUS! I must admit, as we headed out of town I had a few momentary pangs of anxiety. First, leaving the kids that long is a first since Selah arrived. Then I thought, what if we have nothing but the kids to talk about? I didnt want our romantic weekend away used up on kid and house conversation. But we know eachothers stories. It's not like dating where you are getting to know eachother. What sillyness! We had a wonderful time and the kids were absolutely fine.

On Sunday night we arrived at our hotel 4pm Nelson time. We immediately checked in and "made ourselves at home". Then we were off to Mazatland for fine mexican dining. YUM! We then went to see what was playing at the theatre and upon deciding it was too gory for our purposes, we headed out for a walk along the docks. Then we settled in for a few minutes on a secluded bench. As the chill began to set in, we decided to head back to our room and order a movie in. We watched "little miss sunshine". It was very weird but funny. We laughed a lot, enjoyed a short Jacuzzi, then .......well never mind.

In the morning we took our time getting out of bed. Took our time in the shower. Took our time cleaning up. Took our time deciding where to eat breakfast. Then took our time eating it. Having that time to just slow down and relax made us all too aware of what a hurry we are usually in. It was very refreshing.

We spent the rest of our morning shopping. We almost spent $200 on clothes at the Still Eagle until our better judgment took over. We had a lovely lunch where Stanley's used to be and then we took the long way home. We enjoyed the view from the ferry and stopping periodically along the winding road to Creston, taking pictures and chatting.

We never lacked for conversation topics. There is no need to rekindle anything at all. I was surprised and yet unsurprised to find that we still truly enjoy eachother. We talked about the future. Our goals. We talked about our marriage and how grateful we both are for it. We talked about why we go so well together. And even though we wish we could do things like this more often, we agreed that we have it pretty good.

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Anie said...

yay. I am so happy that it was so fine indeed!