Thursday, March 01, 2007

The working Mom

I do not know how people do this. I love my job. I love the time out of the house. I love my adult co-workers. But I agonize about leaving my children in the hands of anyone who is, well, not me. I actually tried calling daycares this morning. Luckily my friend Lizz and her wonderful husband Scott ended up taking them when I realized no daycares take drop-ins. Which is good, because my job needs me to focus. If I had left my treasures in the hands of strangers I am not sure I could have focused all day. As it was, I was terribly worried that having four children dropped on them for a whole day would have discouraged my friends from having any of their own. To the contrary, I was informed that they had a wonderful time. Well of course they did, these four children are particularly fabulous. Did I mention well behaved....AND adorable. Anyway, thanks to my amazing friends my day turned out very well and my children came home very happy. I suppose if it takes a whole village I better learn to share.......

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