Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tao of Dora

There must be something about Dora the explorer that makes her so dang appealing. I have to believe it is more than the insanely repetitive tunes. Mabye it is her spirit of adventure. She is always willing to literally go an extra mile out of her way to solve a problem. She has lots of friends that pop out of everywhere. Everyone sings and dances. So what can I learn from this extraordinary girl?

The weird breaking out into song my family always did when I was a child is perfectly normal and even healthy.
You should always try to walk everywhere you go and if you must ride, make it fun. Include pirates if you can find some.
Whenever you possibly can, do good for those who need it.
Eat chocolate, straight off a tree if you can get it.
Dont be afraid to ask for directions. Often. Really often.
There is magic to be found in seemingly ordinary places.
No puzzle is too hard.

Is there more? Probably. But my brain hurts from the gleening and I think I smell a poopy diaper. Besides I am not really sure if I will ever get the Dora theme song out of my head if I dwell on it for very much longer.


Mrs.Q said...

Don't forget the Shakespeare quotes for every occasion!

Anonymous said...

Dora is amazing! She can swear and protect grandmothers and six year olds!

Anie said...

well put!