Sunday, May 06, 2007

What a fabulous start to summer!

We got our mortgage! Tomorrow we will sign papers to seal the deal and we will soon be viewing Cranbrook from a fabulous new window. The "to do" list is a bit long and a bit stressful but when it starts to feel overwhelming I just picture myself with a nice cuppa in front of my kitchen window watching the sunrise over the rockies. Nice cream coloured tile beneath my feet. The sound of the dishwasher finishing up last nights dishes in the background. Or better yet, I remind myself that someday very soon I will be having a nice, long, hot bath in freshly painted and floored bathroom, in a tub that I didnt have to scrape metal particals out of.

This house is an answer to prayer. When we started to pray for a home two years ago we had a list of specifics that we wanted. Two bathrooms, three bedrooms (we will have four), storage, fenced backyard, a playroom and Alex wanted a dishwasher. I have warmed up to the dishwasher.

Last year was spent learning to be grateful even when life isn't pleasant. I hope in the years to come that we continue to be grateful for this house, remembering what fabulous timing this blessing was brought to us in.


Mrs.Q said...

SO excited for you...and for us, too - looking forward to enjoying that view from your kitchen window myself!

(P.S.- what do you mean, I'm "odd"?)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your new home.
Dishwashers are good.

Princess Bride

Anie said...

yay, kitchen windows with views and no dents in the drywall...for a short while. i say whats not to love!