Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Ok so mowing a lawn by a house you dont live in, with a lawnmower you dont own, is much more inconvenient than it sounds...... nuff said.

In other non-house-related news (yes there is more to life) I am going to a fun reading thing at kootenay roasting company on Monday. There is a writers group that I attended a few time before our family had grown to its large state. Now that my little ones are just a bit less little I am venturing back out into the artistic world. Yay! I think I just may survive not having anymore babies after all.


Anonymous said...

You never stopped being just chanelled it into different things. Glad to hear you are doing things for yourself.

Princess Bride

Anie said...

YAY! That's so cool..let me know how it goes..and bring your readings up to the backyard sometime!