Monday, May 28, 2007

Anything is possible

SO much chaos; so little time. We slept in our new house on Saturday night and woke up to rain. Even with the overcast sky, my kitchen was full of morning light as I buffed the left over grout from the new tile floor. Last night I had the first shift at my rotation at work so I will not be sleeping there with the fam again until Thursday night.

Both houses are full of stuff and chaos but progress is being made. The carpet guys are at the house putting in the last of the new flooring. Sometime this week, unless the rain keeps up, the exterior will be painted. Tomorrow the finishing work and touch-ups will be done and on Wednesday we will get our new fridge. As I stood in my new living room this morning I pictured the furniture and people I will fill my home with. This house is more than getting into the market, living in town, or having more equity. This house provides the space to broaden our sense of community. It gives us the opportunity to live up to our ideals in parenting, friendship and ministry.

As recently as six months ago I didn't know how we would ever accomplish this. So in my lack of faith I did "the small things I knew how to do." Now I have an unbelievable job that I not only love but does not prevent me from homeschooling my kids, and we are living in a new house that has our personalities built in. And the most amazing part about all of this is, we didn't strain to find the answers. We let it go when we didn't know what the next step was. We prayed and did the best we could with what we had. Then He opened the right doors for us. How can I believe anything different than that the creator of these beautiful mountains I can see through my window cares about my little family. I feel as though anything is possible.

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