Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I didn't want today to go by without comment but I am finding myself at a loss for wizzy or encouraging words. I miss his great big smile. I missed him at every locals and homegrown and concert this year. I miss him every time I see chicken with beer up its bottom. I miss him everytime I do the dishes at a potluck. I miss him when I look at his pictures on my fridge and his pictures on all my friends fridges and bathroom walls. I miss him when I pick up my guitar. I miss him when I look at my kids and think how grateful I am that my parents shared their world with me so I could have a Dooger. I miss his glue and I try to put in the effort to keep the connections and community he helped make. There is this big Dooger hole in all of my favorite activities that doesnt seem to be getting any smaller. I want to scream mulligan to the universe.

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