Wednesday, May 02, 2007

High hopes

Well, tomorrow we take the last of the paperwork into the mortgage broker and should know by the end of next week if we own this particular house or not. And yes Erin, you can stay with us. I really hope we will be owning this house because the painter is putting on the first coats of my chosen colors tomorrow and the counter top people are making my counter tops. We have picked out flooring for the upstairs and I am super excited about my bathroom (Where I will be able to have blacksmithgunk-free baths.) If, for whatever reason, we do not get approved for our mortgage, someone will be living in a house with very Marriott style.

In other news, Alex's reunion is coming up on the 16th of June. How weird is that? Somehow four kids and eight years of marriage still haven't made me feel old enough to be going to a reunion. It will be interesting to see everyone. I really hope "the guys" come in from Van. My boyfriend's weird computer nerd friends have become an oddly cherished part of my life. One of them even has a very adorable little boy bearing Alex's name as his second name. That one also picked a very lovely woman to marry whom I approve of wholeheartedly. And before you get your knickers in a twist, yes I should get to approve. I, after all, was the first wife and as such will have to put up with and entertain any of the future wives of "the guys". My opinion should count just a little.

Alright, big day tomorrow, it is late, and I should sleep at some point. I hope.

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