Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Slow and ordinary

There is a lovely quote on my fridge that says, "...the powerful religion of ordinary life, a spirituality of freshly mopped floors.....and clothes blowing on the line." -Adair Lara. I love the philosophy of this quote but until today didn't really get it. This morning I woke to a house unkept and disastrous. With babysitters coming and going this week, our full time plus overtime jobs, and cleaning out the cantankerous trailer, our house has been left to chance. With six cats and four kids, chances are that I would wake up to what I woke up to today. I was frustrated and I pouted. However, four hours later, I am feeling refreshed and optimistic. I have washed all the stacks of dishes, done three loads of laundry plus one load of hand washing. I have fed my children a healthy breakfast, motivated them to clean up their playroom, and even managed a few snuggles along the way. Slow and ordinary are the words of the morning. Yet as I sit here and blog with my nice fresh cup of coffee, I am feeling very satisfied with slow and ordinary. Later on we will head up to the garden of weeds and see if we can't make it a little more beautiful. Tomorrow I am going to paint the wicker furniture a friend gave us and enjoy my cuppa out in the shade. Slow and ordinary. One moment at a time.

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Anie said...

hurrah for this pace.
lingering oh so well...