Thursday, July 19, 2007

More firsts

Well, we had a fabulous evening with friends at Kootenay lake last night after which we camped a kilometer or so down the road from their cabin. It stormed like crazy and though Alex and I had a wakeful night, the kids slept right through. In the morning, a friend RVing in the same campground had us over for ham and pancakes, coffee for us, hot cocoa for the kiddies. Loverly!

Anie and I left the Dads with the kids in the park to set out for an hour or so of funky store hopping. When we returned and packed the Marriott tribe into the van for the ride home, Hannah was holding her left arm and bravely explaining how much it hurt. By the time we hit Creston we had managed to convince Hannah to take off her sweater. By then Alex had told me of how she had been launched off the merry-go-round and landed on her shoulder. One look and I called ahead to the clinic for an appointment.

Following in her mother's footsteps Hannah has broken her collar bone. Unlike her mother, she will not be forced to wear a useless contraption that will contort her shoulders into an awkward position for 4 weeks. I was told by my grinning doctor that they decided those pretty much did nothing except cause more discomfort. So, so, glad "they" managed to figure that out. Anyhow, Hannah has survived her first broken bone with few tears and will heal just fine in a few weeks. I even managed not to do the spazzy mother thing at the hospital. Also a first.


Mrs.Q said...

Poor kidlet! Gentle hugs from us!

Anonymous said...

More gentle hugs from us.

Leah & Cragg