Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How does your garden grow

We ate the first cucumber from our garden yesterday. Mostly we have tomatoes this year. No sweet peas or yummy carrots. Too many people getting hitched this year for early crops like that. So we stuck to late summer/fall harvests. I do, however, have an amazing herb garden with all kinds of goodies I have no idea how to cook with. It smells good on the way into the house though!

As for flowers, there are amazing blooms coming from the green things we planted at the community garden. I wish I could remember their names. At the house, the lilies bloomed and they were gorgeous for a few days....... until they wilted because, apparently, I wasn't suppose to plant them in full sun. The green bush-like plant I put at the end of my garden has purple flowers popping out everywhere. They are very pretty little things and they are very abundant. I am going to venture a guess that I put that one in the right spot. I think it started with a P.

Anyway, the green things all look good and the tomatoes I planted too early and barely watered until recently are heavy-laden enough for me to think I will probably have to take up canning this year. So either my thumb is turning green, or I am getting very lucky. Probably the latter is true.

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