Friday, June 29, 2007

Simply Bamboo

Yesterday we skipped our usual lessons and headed to Jaffray for a feild trip. Once there we popped into the local house o coffee to ask where Scott Buxton lives. We arrived at his home to find him outside his Simply Bamboo workshop preparing large sticks of bamboo to be made later into digerydoos. When he was finished he showed Levi and and Hannah around his workshop and even had Levi playing a flute by the end of our trip. We learned all kinds of interesting things. For instance, some types of bamboo can grow fast enough to watch it happen. Another interesting tidbit that I didn't know is that bamboo is a grass not a tree. Before we parted, Scott and I traded CD's of our music and he challenged Levi to learn some scales by Christmas. Levi has been playing or begging to play his new flute ever since.

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