Friday, April 13, 2007

Slowly succuming

I am saddened by my own lack of tenacity. Oh some would call it learing to be flexable and open minded I'm sure. But in my opinion I have succumed to the currents of modern society. It is a sad day. The worst part of all is that it isn't bothering me as much as it should.

I have become *shudder* a cell phone user. And I , well, I kinda like it. I can only imagine the gasps of old friends who know me best. Just to reassure you all, I have not mutated or been abducted by aliens. Contrary to the beliefs of my dear friend Barb, I have not begun the slow process of reformation or conformation. I will not be driving an SUV, wearing shiny jewelry, or spending $300 on cosmetics any time soon. Hemp will still be my version of a string of pearls and I will still dream of owning an ecological, off-the-grid home made out of mud bricks. I am just a more reachable me.

It has everything to do with reconnection. I am home less lately and have spent little time with my husband in the last few weeks and even less time with friends. This little piece of technology bridges a few uncomfortable gaps while also providing babysitters with an emergency number and us with a safety-net on roadtrips.

It is a new era. I suppose we must all move forward in our own ways.

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