Saturday, April 21, 2007

My comic husband

We arrived home early due to Alex not having the planned ablation. They started the procedure but could not get his arythmia going and consequently could not ablate the offending nerves. Alex is just as sore as he would have been and still has to take the time off, but didn't have to spend the night in the hospital.

Is this good news? I have no idea. But at this point my response is..Whatever! Life as usual, just like the doctors said (as if our lives resemble anything usual). So we went out for lunch with a friend and visited some other friends in the children's hospital and we both get a week off to hang with the family. Cool. (Although I will be doing two adults worth of chores in that week so I am not sure I am quite as excited as Alex about the "week off")

In the meantime, my baby girl is asleep on my lap relieving some of the built-up pressures of the weekend, and Levi is tucked up in his bed after a good long father-son snuggle. Our other two are still at a friends house, having gone to bed an hour before we arrived in Cranbrook. Life is good. My best friend, husband, partner-in-crime, lover, live-in-jester, is safe and recovering.

I won't need a replacement. Which is good, because he is an oddity. I know because when someone is threading electrodes into your husband heart, you tend to think about these things. I don't think they build them like that anymore. He is a discontinued collectors edition whose value is immeasurable. Like one of those old comics that you should really keep in the plastic to prevent its destruction but you can't resist reading it anyway. But it is so cool and rare that even though it's a bit worn, you could still get a really good price for it if you sold it. But you wouldn't. Not ever. Yep, he's kinda like that except more. And he is still here.


Anie said...

very glad you still got
your "own one".

Sarah from the Kootenays said...

me too