Saturday, November 03, 2007

Cranbrook's first shelter

Our church, along with The Salvation Army, has been trying to raise funds to put an emergency homeless shelter in Cranbrook. We have been working at this for over a year now and tonight we had a fundraiser concert. We need renovation money, money for beds and other such necessary equipment, and we need operating costs. Things are moving, but slowly, and winter is coming down the mountain at a rapid pace.

So, I realize many of you who read this blog are from other communities. I realize that there are issues that your own cities face, that you could support solutions for. However, if anyone has an extra $20 (or more) laying around that they haven't found a use for yet, you could send it my way and help support getting a few people out of the cold.


Mrs.Q said...

How did the concert go? I'll put up a post about this on my own blog...what about a Facebook event/group, too? Sending you good thoughts!

wenchlette said...

do you have a paypal address I could donate to, this coming friday? I would love to help out.