Monday, November 26, 2007


It is certainly a Monday morning. Slow and groggy, already wishing for the weekend, I am brewing coffee and blogging the A.M. blues away. As I am sitting at the computer this morning I over hear this adorable exchange:

Selah wakes up and sits down to breakfast, obviously not quite ready to be awake. She hears the kids cleaning up downstairs. "Oh! Doh!" She says excitedly and heads for the stairs. At the top of the stairs she yells."Dooooooohhh!" Shiloh responds, "Hi Selah, it's me, Doh." Darned cute is what that is!

Anyhoo, coffee is brewed and I have many important things to do today. Like laundry and dishes and finding my bed under the boxes and books we unpacked. Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

I love that story. Shiloh blew me a kiss over the phone tonight. It was very sweet.

Love ya