Friday, November 09, 2007

dreams filter to reality...

So many exciting happenings have come about, or are coming about, this fall. New babies, long wished for, a homeless shelter long worked for and a fuller home long sought after.

A week and a half ago, a friend of ours invited me to share in the birth of a baby that took a little while to get here. He is beautiful and he has that intoxicating new baby smell that had me melting and had Alex reminding his doctor to get him a referral to the surgeon.

Two days ago, the shelter officially had all it's start up money. There is construction going on down at our church and it is awesome! We still need money for operating costs, but once people see it up and running, they will see the need to keep it going. Yay!!

As for some of the other transitions going on in our life, they are exciting, but not yet a definite reality. We are moving slowly especially with one of our adventures to be certain our priorities stay firmly in place.

More news as it comes.....

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