Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Stones

Nope, not going to a concert. I am talking about the green ones that my dear Mother promised to leave to me when she kicks the bucket. When she awoke from her recent gallbladder surgery, these precious gems were at her bedside in a little plastic jar. Apparently, the doctors felt she should have a memento to remember her forsaken organ by. With my older sister as a witness, my Mom stated that I get to have the earrings that she will someday make from these little green pebbles. I think it is quite fitting since my birthstone is green. Just imagine, some moment in the distant future, I shall be sitting in my rocker, with my purple hair, red hat and green earrings, reminiscing about my Mother. Perhaps, I will have grandchildren scattered at my feet. After I tell them all about this marvelous woman who raised me, I shall show them my earrings and tell them, "This is all I have left of her."

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Mrs.Q said...

I still don't think I'm shallow just because I don't want the detritus from her organs.