Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The thing is...

I heard it again today. I am pretty sure for at least the last four years I have heard it every day that we have left the house. "I bet you're busy!" It is amazing to me how many people see this as an original thought that simply must be uttered aloud. O.K., I will admit, today I was busy. The kids have been cooped up for a week and were a bit rambunctious. Not usually though. Not busy enough to be worthy of constant comment.

The thing is, I have grown up with the knowledge of my Grandmothers having broods of 7 and 12. I have watched teachers, camp councillors, and childcare providers manage hoards of children at a time. Nobody echoes the word busy at them. I have a much smaller class size than any teacher I know. Why am I getting all the sympathy? Sure they are all getting paychecks, but we all know that on a philosophical level what I get is far more valuable.

So yes, I have busy days and sometimes it feels as if my life is not my own, but I chose this. I wish I could get a little more sleep but somehow I don't think that will be on my top ten regrets when I am old and grey. Sooner or later I will have gained enough of my brain back to come up with a good reply to the busy comment. For now I will stick with the good 'ol smile and nod response.

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