Saturday, August 25, 2007


So, I promised a little more detail on the visit to Toronto and Cleveland. Here are some, and some pictures too.

We were picked up at the Toronto airport by my Aunt Linda who took us to this fabulous restaurant on a street that reminds me of kensington (I remembered Mom!) in Calgary. Cool shops and Divine food.

Back at Grandma Dalton's I got to see almost all my aunts, a couple uncles, and a few cousins for a brief visit that evening. I spent the morning sitting next to Grandma and listening to many varied stories while she knit away.

Soon it was up and into a car with uncle Tom who took us out for lunch on the way. While looking at the menu my mother slapped my side and gleefully declared "fried baloney sandwiches!" I didn't understand until later why that item elicited abuse in public. Grandma Sharp later informed me that this was a favorite of Moms and didn't appear on Canadian menus. I will sit across from my dear Mother for the next trip south. :)

The rest of the weekend was jam packed with activity and catching up. I discovered that my relatives knew alot more about my life than I did about theirs. My cousins even knew my childrens names. Between making homemade burgers with Uncle Chuck, family booklets with Aunt Margy, helping Uncle David with his three energetic children, and hangin at the house with my Grandparents, there was ample time to ask lots of questions and listen to many stories. I am so incredibly glad that I went and was very sad to leave (which was evidenced by all the tears on the way out ; I am a suck, I know). I am, not for the first time, very proud of where I come from. Locally and otherwise. Good times.


barb said...

I can see up yer nose!

Anie said...

hey-sounds like the brave flying was well worth it!