Thursday, August 30, 2007

Theme blogging

After reading my sisters creepy post I am inspired to share my own spider story. Her name is Almaline, which is german, meaning work. Her incredible changing web is stationed on the outside the window next to my computer. She is mottled orange and black, more round than slender, and she is slower moving than you would expect of a spider. It gives her an air of care-free confidence as she travels the expance of her net towards her prey.

It is the window between us that allows her to live long enough for me to admire her. Her sisters who have ventured inside have met with quick and painless ends. Because of her unknowing choice to stay out of the spider free zone, the kids and I perch on the couch and watch her repair her web quite often. It's location has made her a very successful hunter. Right now she is curled up in the window sill awaiting her next victim which will, no doubt, arrive before noon. This afternoon we will gather again to watch her spin her web anew. The whole thing almost makes me like spiders.


Mrs.Q said...

I don't mind 'em outside. Or even on the ceiling, up in the far, far corner doing what they do best as an essential part of the food chain. I can admire them in theory. It's when they're practically in bed with me that I object.

Sarah from the Kootenays said...

Amen to that sister!