Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The leftovers

Since my biggest sister beat me to the posting of wedding details I shall direct you to read her bloggity blog as well. I will only add on a bit.

First, my left arm will never be the same after having sacrificed much this weekend. After slicing off part of my left fore-finger whilst trying to cut satin for the ring pillow, (good thing it was red) I took a trip to the ER where I received a tetanus shot in my left shoulder..ouch! (still ouch) The next day, whilst sewing said pillow, I stabbed my left thumb hard enough to need a second bandage. The morning after that, I attempted to iron the little man's shirt and not only did I put an iron print in the shirt (the tuckable part, thank goodness) I also burned, rather badly, the inside of my left arm. Was it worth it? Every bit.

The second story I shall add upon is what Dad did for us girls during the father daughter dance. Before the dance he handed each of us an envelope and told us to open it half way through the song. Part of the song says "I'll stand guard like a postcard of a golden retriever". In the envelopes were postcards with a picture of our old dog, Sandy, on them. Well, Erin and I teared up and, of course, in good Dalton fashion, Dad started howling dramatically imitating his emotional daughters. It was good.

Well, Leah's married, we laughed hard and cried hard, we stressed-out, we sang, we danced, we threw up our jazz hands, we played, we drank, and we ate. Good times. Goooood times.

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Mrs.Q said...

I did NOT tear up, it was allergies! And you forget that some of us also joined Dad in the melodramatic howling...I figured we owed him for all those airport scenes...and Leah, for her voluble sniffling at my own wedding!