Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's day

This morning I woke up with a shock realizing in all the hubbub of this week, I had forgotten what day it was. Inexcusable was the fact that I was still in bed while the Father of this house was up caring for children in his usual unselfish, amazingly loving, way.

Worse is the fact that I also forgot to celebrate my own dear Daddy who almost wasn't here for this Father's day. Because he is stubborn, and because he is strong, next week he will dance at my sister's wedding. He is still here and today I am reminded of the overwhelming gratitude of last summer. I am reminded that the Fathers I love are as mortal as I am and yesterday was the last day we were guaranteed. So, I am sorry I let the busyness of my life interfere with remembering how incredible the roles you two play are. I love you deeply and gratefully. Happy Father's day!

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