Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Almost quite morning

My husband and youngest child are snoozing away behind me as all my other children fold their laundry in the front room. Besides a bit of chatter from my hard working bunch, the sound of the fan next to me is the only thing penetrating the quiet. This wont last long of course; the chaos will very soon ensue as we bundle up for swimming lessons and music class and the Tickle Camel. Buzzing around is what we do on tuesdays. I can handle one day of that, but lately I have been longing to slow down. To simplify. To find quiet. To have a bath. Simple pleasures taken for granted by those in control of their own days, hours, and minutes. At least I used to take it for granted.

Ah, but I have been doing my own for-granted-taking even now. Like the view I woke up to this fine morning. My little cherub curled up with her Daddy, both sound asleep. No matter what state of mind you are in, that is a beautiful thing. Lately the man of the house has been leaving for work at very ungodly hours, so such a sight has been unavailable for awhile.

It's been almost 12 years since I met him on the beach wearing a torn up sox hat. 11 since he kissed me under the lamppost near his house after we walked back from seeing the movie Jumangi. Almost 8 years now we have been "of one flesh," sharing our space, birthing and raising. Fighting and making-up. I am not bored. There isnt the slightest hint of it. He makes me so mad sometimes! But he makes me laugh too. He makes me feel beautiful. And this morning, as I watched him snuggling our youngest, he made me grateful.

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