Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Today warrants two

The Tickle Camel arrived at swimming lessons more on-time than we did. As we came through the doors I knew before I saw him because my pokey children suddenly sped up in frantic movements of arms and legs. Levi settled in at a table to do his Math with Uncle Ferd as I got the girls into their suits. After a half hour of swimming and about 15 minutes of trying to dry them off enough to pull on their shirts, I came upon a math book infested with Ferd cartoons! Levi was very happy to have had Mr. Tickle all to himself. Sharing isn't taught in our house, it is simply accepted as normal function. Like breathing. So to have such a spectacular adult all to himself was quite a treat for my firstborn. Simple pleasures.......Thanks Ferd!

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Anie said...

i will love to read of your daily goings-on. blog therapy eh..free and fun! And by the way..the pic thing..yup it is actually kind of complicated i found.