Monday, December 03, 2007

A series of unfortunate events

Apparently I am just as stubborn as I seem, maybe more.

The basement flooded today. I considered using the shrunken, matted llama wool (as mentioned in a previous post) to soak up the water in the pantry. It seemed a tragic picture that would satisfy the universe that hates me.

My children spent the evening speculating what would happen if we didn't get the water to stop and how long it would take to flood their rooms. Then Shiloh was trying to convince her younger sister that it would be cool to swim in the basement. This will all be very funny when the carpet is dry........

Mom brought me some wine. I will be having a glass or two tonight and I will probably be praying (as described a few posts ago).

Ah blog therapy, I almost feel as though sanity will someday come again......

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