Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I think it may be official; the Marriott children have inherited their mother's clutz genes. At least they seem to have spread it out amongst themselves rather than have concentrated doses for each.

Hannah has had a broken collar bone, Levi a broken arm and yesterday Shiloh got her broken nose re-aligned in a four minute procedure that took about 8 hours in the hospital to wait for.

She was so brave. She hadn't eaten all day and complained only once. She had heard the explanation of the surgery and recovery early on in the day and though initially she had been scared she mustered up the courage to face a whole day of waiting with cheerfulness. In every department we visited the nurses were singing her praises. They would ask how old she was and how she broke her nose and she would tell them stories of her big brother and two sisters and camping on the weekend. When they were allowed to give her one small cup of apple juice for dinner, she was very gracious and grateful and, again, did not complain.

Of all my children, to be honest, Shiloh is the last one I expected to pull off an entire day without food or drink, lying in a bed, without severe grumpiness. She was actually cheerful and pleasant, even when asking about when she could finally eat.

I have ridiculously awesome kids. It's just that simple.


Mrs.Q said...

How did she break her nose? Poor kidlet!

Anonymous said...

of course your kids are awesome! and I'm happy for them and you that the clutz genes have spread out. but there will be no celebrations like a year without the bonding experience in an emergency room together!