Monday, January 14, 2008

Kiddies Crafting

"Here are some pictures of the munchkins diving into some of their creative gifts. Notice the lack of paint smocks. I had cleaned out their closets over the holidays and got rid off all the clothes they don't use anymore. I forgot to save "play clothes" for life's dirtier moments. So I turned the heat up a bit and they used the wipeable smocks nature gave them. It took a few washings to get Selah clean after her "oonoosare 'aintin" (for those less fluent in Selah speak that is dinosaur painting).


Mrs.Q said...

Clothing-optional craft time - I love it! So much better than doing laundry. (Just remind me not to do that while sewing...)

Hug those kidlets for us!

Anonymous said...

Or frying bacon!

Hugs from us too.