Thursday, September 27, 2007

Two today

Conversations to be overheard in the Marriott house .....

Mom: Hannah go clean up the clothes on the floor in your room.
Hannah: Okay (pause) The garbage can keeps moving. That means its alive.
Dad: Sure it does.
Hannah: No it doesn't.

Mom: Selah why aren't you wearing pants again!?
Selah:(looking down at her half-naked self as though she didnt realize, and then doing the home alone face) Oh no! I peed downstairs! Oh no! OH NO!

Mom: (seeing Selah has no pants again ) Selah where are your pants?
Selah: NO!
Mom: Selah did you pee in your pants?
Selah: (singing) no no nnoooooooooooo (runs away)


Mrs.Q said...

Maybe the garbage can stole Selah's pants?

Mrs.Q said...

You have to have clicked on the duck link on the post, to get the full'll need your speakers on, too.

Mrs.Q said...

and you also need to search YouTube for Leonard Nimoy doing "The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins"