Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Second Guessing

Today has been a difficult day. I can't seem to get anything of any real value done. I am already behind with the children's schoolwork, and we are only into week two. here begins another round of, "am I doing the right thing? Would they be happier/learn better/more well-rounded if I just sent them to school?"

The cat peed on the couch. I made an appointment to get her fixed. Selah was awake at 5 am. The dishes aren't done. Shiloh couldn't find her Tuesday underwear. Levi took an hour to do two pages of math. I really need to mop my floor. It was a long day before noon.

But then I see Hannah laying on the couch with Selah reading to her. And Selah leaning over to plant a kiss on her big sisters cheek before settling back down beside her to listen.

I see Shiloh exclaiming, "Look Mom!!!" at just about everything. I see Levi choosing to play with shapes rather than the game boy.

Maybe, I haven't caused any irreparable damage. Maybe the cat peeing on the couch just threw me off a bit.

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