Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Her name means grace

Her name means grace and she stands in it.
She is effortlessly elegant, light shines from her cheeks, and kindness drips from her lips.
Sweet and gentle, she is wise in the eyes.
Her's is beauty that is birthed from deep within her very soul.

Her name means grace and she sings with it.
There is ever a song of hope on her lips, springing from her golden heart. 
Even in silence her message is compassion.
She is a wordsmith, painting peaceful pictures with her voice.

Her name means grace and she speaks with it. 
Not eager to please, but content to bring peace, she is the diplomat, the negotiator, the mediator.
She is the calm in the storm, the lighthouse in raging seas.
Little warriors lay down their wordy weapons at her command.

Her name means grace and she is wrapped in it.
Creator of everything, Father of all, knit her together from strands of stars.
She is cherished by the one who taught whales their song.
For a moment she is ours and we are grateful.

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