Saturday, February 06, 2010

New baby

I enjoyed our trip to Vancouver in November despite not being able to meet Liam because he just didn't want to come on out. It was great to spend the week leading up to his birth with his parents. Watching my daughter spontaneously and often climb into my sister's lap to cuddle her unborn cousin was delightful. Nonetheless, there was a pang of regret when we had to drive away still having not met the little man. This week my sister Leah brought him for a visit. Upon meeting my sweet nephew, all residual regret or disappointment has melted away. He is sweet and beautiful and his big grin is totally worth the wait. Thank goodness that new baby smell isn't as fleeting as new car smell.

*AND my other, biggest sister knitted me up the fingerless gloves that I have been wearing all week indoors and out as seen in the top picture. Thank you!

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