Monday, January 25, 2010

Power of Four

From my sister's blog

Four places I go regularly: KCF, Home, MusikGarten, and KCA

Four favorite smells: My husband's day old shirts. Newborn baby necks. Sunshine (yes it has a smell, just because you don't think so, doesn't make you less wrong.) Mint.

Four TV shows I watch: Big Bang, Dr.Who, Community, Numb3rs.

Four people I think will respond: I don't actually know any regular bloggers personally......


Anonymous said...

Four places I go regularly: Home, Max's Place, Bumble Tree, Save-On

Four favourite smells: Rain in a coastal forest, freesia, fresh pineapple, and yeah, new baby. (Honorable mention: Waffles or Avacado, lime, butter and cilantro on fresh sourdough )

Four TV shows I watch: Kinda embarrassed to admit to these. Can I lie? No? OK then: Gossip Girl, Glee, Gray's Anatomy and Vampire Diaries.


Anonymous said...

Doh! Might bump Freesia off my list.