Saturday, May 02, 2009

Casual Conversations

The sun finally came out to play yesterday and we went for a fabulous walk in the trails up south star. As we were walking Selah and I had an interesting conversation.

Selah: I am getting bigger, right?

Me: You sure are.

Selah: Hey! I am almost ten!

Me: No, you are almost four. (this is about the last word I got in because Selah just streamed words after this.

Selah: If I was bigger I'm almost ten. I will be a giant and I will say FEE FI FFO FUM! Funny! I don't want to go in that water. The water is talking, mama, I don't like the water talking. I am running running! I am free! Mama, you can't run when you carry me cause I am bigger.

This last bit was quite a bit longer. She is an interesting kid. Them's the kind we make!


Mrs.Q said...

Speaking of apples and trees...

Anonymous said...

well said Mrs. Q