Saturday, March 07, 2009

Never a Dull Haircut

So this, apparently, is what happens when your church has a mustache growing competition. Alex was so proud of his facial hair that he got a perm to ice the fur cake. There were also points for naming the facial oddness. Alex has affectionately dubbed his creation, "the cake-hole indicator." He wants me to subtext this "food goes in." For pete's sake....

Now, the timing of all this was such that my baby brother and his lovely partner were coming into town just after the facial fiasco at our church. It has been the plan for a long while to have Chrystel tie my hair up in knots. It was all very painfully (no seriously, it was painful) exciting until the dreads were labeled payback for the fro. To have my attempt at self-expression be diminished to the status of simple marital retaliation is a little disappointing, but I love them anyway.

Coming up on ten years and yes, this is what we look like. Still I say, not bored, so not bored.


Mrs.Q said...

Wow. I think that might actually put Ferd's goatee to shame!

('s the RIGHT size. Since you asked.)

Anie said...

no dullness indeed!!!