Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mama is verging on panic!

So, six more days. Six more days until my little man enters gr. four and goes to school for the first time. I have managed to put this day off longer than most. Four years longer. But now my son is going to head off into unknown territory. Hang out with kids I may or may not like. Make decisions his Mom won't be able to congratulate or correct.

Oh, I know it's good for him! Don't lecture me in your head. I am not going to hover. I am not going to spy. And I not going to spend everyday worrying, I can't! There are three other kids here, two of whom are not getting their education outside the house just yet.

It's just that, this happened so fast. I know I rolled my eyes when anyone said, "Oh, Sarah, look at you. You are just growing up so fast." It didn't seem fast. And I can tell Levi doesn't think so either. But time sped up somewhere. What on earth do I do with that? Is it going to get faster?

Am I just crazy, or is there a chance I am not the only Mom going through this on this particular week? I am going to find some chocolate.


Mrs.Q said...

Oh, honey - if there's a lecture needed, I won't waste it inside my head! In the meantime, may I suggest something stronger than chocolate? Or, something stronger, AND chocolate?

(PS - the verification letters for my comment are gopia: Go pee, yeah!)

Anonymous said...

There was chocolate on my laptop waiting for me when I got home. Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

so that's why you really came over for a visit on wednesday nite! Hope you enjoyed the chocolate. and yes time does go faster and faster and fstr............
and most moms go through the trepidation and anxiety of their first child entering the big bad world of school..